Military Tensions Between China And US Heat Up In Dispute Over South China Sea Islands :

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By Alexander Higgins – Contributing Writer

June 25th, 2011

Tensions are heating up between the US and China over disputed islands in the South China Sea as China warns the US to stay out of the dispute.

The US has responded by launching a joint military exercise aimed at pushing back against the growing control China has in the area.

While this story is not even being mentioned in the US corporate media, it is currently the top story on Asian news sites.

NHK reports:

China warns US to stay out of sea dispute

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai has urged the United States to stay out of territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

[…] Cui stressed that the US is not a claimant state in the dispute so it’s better for it to let the countries involved deal with the issue.

Cui added that China has no intention of getting into a military conflict with the other countries, including Vietnam.

Last week, a senior Vietnamese official discussed the matter with US officials during a trip to Washington.

Observers say China is wary that US intervention could prompt Southeast Asian nations to take a tougher stance in negotiations.


The Chinese military has warned the US to stay out of the dispute over the islands in the South China Sea and the US seems to have ignored the warning.

Instead the US military plans to hold a joint military drill with Vietnam to push back against China.

NHK reports:

US, Vietnam to hold joint Navy drill

Vietnam announced on Thursday that its navy will hold a joint exercise with the US Navy.


In May, warning shots were fired from Chinese ships at Vietnamese fishing boats.


Also in May, the Vietnamese government accused Chinese patrol boats of obstructing a Vietnam state-run oil company survey ship.

Political analysts say the joint drill is apparently to demonstrate the 2 nations’ resolve to push back against China, the growing power in the South China Sea.


Meanwhile the United Kingdom and China are officially in an undeclared cyber war!

The Telegraph

Although the Cold War is long over, MI5 is left tackling a constant threat from Chinese espionage.

Jonathan Evans, the director general of MI5, has singled out China for their “unreconstructed attempts” to spy on Britain saying they “continue to devote considerable time and energy trying to steal our sensitive technology on civilian and military projects and trying to obtain political and economic intelligence at our expense.”S

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