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July 17, 2011

Earlier this week Iran has signed multiple deals worth 4 billion US$ with China. Pakistan is pursuing its gas pipeline deal with Iran as well as the import of electricity for its Balochistan province from Iran. Can Pakistan-Iran-China form a free trade region for their countries? Iran is energy rich and hungry for the export, China is energy hungry and no amount of supply seems to satisfy its appetite, and Pakistan needs strong bonds, friendship and business with both China as well as Iran for the times coming ahead.

In such a deal Pakistan will benefit from both sides. An open business and trade relations with these countries would mean more investment in Pakistan, more trade via Pakistan resulting into better infrastructure and development opportunites. China is a time tested and the best friend of Pakistan beyond doubts. Iran is a Muslim brother country which has been traditionally closer to Pakistan. Initiatives are required to bring this trilateral bondage into today’s mutually benefiting trade block for win-win-win result.

via Iran-Pakistan-China Trade block | News of the World.


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