Saudi Gazette – Iran first and Israel second

Iran first and Israel second

By Turki Abdullah Al-Sudairi

Al Riyadh newspaper

How will we describe Iran’s role in the region? Is it an Islamic, neighboring Muslim country?

It is the largest country in terms of population and has borders next to the Gulf countries, which have good relations with each other.

The Gulf countries have been living in safety and security throughout their history. There has been no proof that would point to Arab intervention in Iran’s affairs, despite its frequent intervention in the affairs of its neighboring Muslim Arab countries.

Has Israel, which is well-known for being the Arabs’ arch enemy, never interfered hostily in the affairs of Egypt, Syria or Jordan? It tried to prove that its conflict is only with the Palestinians.

History bears witness that Israel has not intervened militarily or made any assassination attempt against any Arab country. Therefore, why should Iran take a more hostile position against its Arab Muslim neighbors than Israel?

Iran has annexed several Arab places into its territories. Despite this, Gulf countries have not used violence to regain what have been usurped from them. Also, Tehran has not responded to proposals for negotiations.

Iran interfered in Lebanon’s internal affairs which Israel has not done. The same can be said about the United Arab Emirates whose territories Iran has occupied.

It has intervened in Bahrain by financing agents to sow disputes. Lately, it did the same in Al-Qatif. All this added to its intervention in Lebanon.

The problem with people who have limited education and with poor standard of living is that, driven by poverty, they develop delusions that they can be a great state.

Iran endeavors to develop nuclear power without justification, thus raising concerns among its neighbors and other countries.

Iran is deluding itself that it can revive the old glory of Persia.

Despite its detestable but failed plot to assassinate the Kingdom’s ambassador to Washington, I did not find it strange with Iran.

Didn’t the Iranian prime minister say at the United Nations that the “Awaited Imam” has directed him to create a new Iran? __

via Saudi Gazette – Iran first and Israel second.


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