U.S. Pivots Eastward to Address Uneasy Allies | 1913 Intel

October 25th, 2011

In China, analysts say a military modernization program for the People’s Liberation Army is a delayed and essential upgrading after decades when the Communist Party subordinated military needs to civilian ones. In the Chinese military’s view, the buildup is needed to defend against what it sees as a growing and potentially unfriendly American presence in the Pacific.

“It’s a serious threat and a potential threat,” Sun Zhe, the director of Tsinghua University’s Center on United States-China relations, said in an interview late last year, citing the seven American aircraft carriers and 18 American nuclear submarines in the region. “If you say they are only targeting North Korea, nobody will believe it.”

Leon Panetta Assures Allies of U.S. Presence in Pacific – NYTimes.com

via U.S. Pivots Eastward to Address Uneasy Allies | 1913 Intel.


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