Syria will be the spark that will cause World War 3

Syria will be the spark that will cause World War 3

Think about the current conflicts in the world right now, (Afghanistan), (Iraq), (Libya), (Yemen), (Somalia) and even then you realize this is not enough to kick off the WW3 spectacular the elites are killing for. Syria however is a different story all together, why? because unlike all those other countrys that I listed, Syria has strong allies. Russia and Iran wouldn’t stand by while syria is bombed by NATO, no chance. I think the UN is going to be forced by Western preasure to pass a resolution allowing military intervention in Syria in the next couple of weeks. (LOL China or Russia will just use VETO) you say? Or reeeealy? Because VETO’s certainly didn’t stop the US and UK from going to war with Iraq. The whole Iran-Israel conflict is a possiblity yes but I can’t see both sides pulling anything anytime soon unlike Syria who are under massive preasure and with the ecomomy in need of a boost, what a great time for a war, war = better economy. I saw the no fly zone in Libya happening way before anyone else, and now I can see a intervention in Syria only this time it will seriously come back to hit America and its allies hard. Don’t worry though, thats what the US is hoping for. To end this “prediction” if that’s what you want to call it i’ll go out on a limb and try to be more specific in my start of this “WW3” scenario, I’m going to say late october maybe early November, Obama has one year left before general elections, this could be the great war which saves his skin and lowering support. Watch this space people and I wouldn’t mind your thoughts and maybe a PIN? Lol.

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