UN Group Plots Global Emergency Drill

UN Group Plots Global Emergency Drill

Just as a Near-Earth Asteroid Passes By

on 11/9/11


A UN Commission from UNESCO is planning a globally-linked emergency drill for November 9-10 simulating a major tsunami event in the Pacific Ocean. This just happens to coincide with a fly-by of Asteroid 2005-YU55 which will make an extremely close fly-by of Earth at about the time of the drill.

We mention this only because there has been odd coincidences in the past of traumatic events unfolding as governments conduct ‘crisis drills,’ most notably on 9/11/01. Does the UN and other national governments know something related to this asteroid that is not being told to the public? It probably is merely coincidence, but we’ll pass it along anyway, in advance, just for full disclosure.

What strikes us as doubly odd are reports that in the United States, all U.S. broadcasters will required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to shut down all broadcasting simultaneously at 2:00pm (Eastern Time) It is to be the first ever nationally conducted test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as posted on the FCC website. (See LINK HERE). It is unclear to us at The A-O Report if this test will also include a temporary shut-down of the internet.

There are some websites – such as this one – LINK HERE – concerned about the overall impact of such a test. We suspect it is much ado about nothing, BUT, worth a note of consideration to be filed for future reference at a later time. Also worthy of noting it will happen on the numerical date of 11/9/11. Something to make you go, “hmmm?” You can find out more about this drill at the UNESCO LINK HERE. You can watch an animation video of the asteroid fly-by path of earth. The asteroid apparently has a much closer fly-by of the moon than it does to Earth – LINK HERE.






via UN Group Plots Global Emergency Drill.


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