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Worldwide Tsunami drill to be held on November 9

HotBedInfo, 10/27/2011

November 9 is starting to become a very busy day for the governments of the world. A previous article I wrote on the nationwide test involving FEMA on Nov 9th can also be seen here: FEMA Announces Nationwide Test of The Emergency Alert System on Nov 9, 2011

The latest addition to this date is called Exercise Pacific Wave.

Pacific Wave will be held on 9-10 November 2011 as a multi-scenario exercise that will allow all PTWS countries to exercise using a destructive local or regional tsunami scenario.  PacWave will be used to introduce new tsunami advisory products of the PTWC that were proposed by the PTWS Enhanced Tsunami Warning Products Task Team and approved by ICG/PTWS-XXIV. 

IOC Circular Letter 2390 was issued on 13 May 2011 announcing the exercise and requesting PTWS Countries to nominate a PacWave11 focal point.  IOC Manual and Guides 58 on How to Plan, Conduct, and Evaluate Tsunami Exercises was issued in July 2011.  The PacWave11 Exercise Manual (IOC TS 97) was published in August 2011.  UNESCO will issue a press release on 1 November 2011.

The 10 scenarios available will be:

Kamchatka (Kuril-Kamchatka Trench)

Ryukyu Islands (Nansei-Shoto Trench)

Philippines – South China Sea (Manila Trench)

Philippines – Pacific Ocean (Philippines Trench)

Vanuatu (New Hebrides Trench)

Tonga (Tonga Trench)

Northern Chile (Peru-Chile Trench)

Ecuador (Colombia – Ecuador Trench)

Central America (Middle America Trench)

Aleutian Islands (Aleutian Trench)

So what exactly is going on here?


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