Arab Leagues Big Agreement to Stop Slaughter, Iran Doomed – YouTube

Arab League gives Syria 15 days to implement proposal.Death toll in Homs reaches 20, Syria activists say. Nine killed in Syria after deal to halt violence. Syrian tank fire kills at least two people in Homs day after Arab deal. Syria ambassador rejects IAEA claims that IAF struck covert nuclear reactor in 2007. Arab League and Syria Assaad reach agreement to stop violence in the country. At least 36 killed in Syria, as regime accepts Arab League plan. Britain is preparing for a military strike on Iran. High-ranking Iranian officer: We are stronger than ever, threatening us is pointless. Iran FM warns U.S. against entering ‘collision course’ with Iran. Iran TV says Israel strike would have apocalyptic consequences. Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry said on Thursday that as president he would support an Israeli air strike on Iran if there is proof Tehran is moving closer to having a nuclear weapon. Gaza militants fire at Israeli security forces who were doing routine work on the border fence, IDF retaliates and kills two. Since its emergence in 1982, Hezbollah has waged an anti-Israel campaign and guerilla war against Israeli forces. The Lebanese-based U.S.-designated terrorist organization, which seeks to establish an Islamic state that encompasses both Lebanon and Israel, has been implicated in numerous terrorist attacks against Israeli and Western targets. Assad’s days of slaughtering thousands of innocent protesters in Syria are almost finished. Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Nasrallah cult will come to an end. The IDF are strong. The Gaza Flotilla, they should go to Syria stop the murder, Flotilla crew with Turkey’s help supporting terror on the Jews. The Zionist Inside Job Alex Jones cult will be on a rampage now. We’ll see how well Iran uses Russian and Chinese weapons.

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