Congress pushes Obama towards war with Iran �� RT

A new IAEA report is expected to show that the country of Iran is investing in nuclear activity and it has America and its allies running scared. Is it a legitimate threat or is the US fishing for reasons to invade?Former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts tells RT that a war with Iran seems more than likely. ��I think that��s indicated by the fake plot that Obama announced; that Iran wanted to hire a used car salesman and a Mexican drug gang to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador,�� said Roberts. Even if President Obama billed himself as a healthy change from the ways of the previous administration, Roberts called the current commander-in-chief a bigger war monger than the Bush/Cheney office.Jamal Abdi of the National Iranian American Council also feels like the United States�� current actions seem suspicious. He says a real threat of military action doesn��t seem great, however, but does feel like America is looking to worsen tensions between the two countries.In the latest IAEA report, says Abdi, he doesn��t expect to find much new information. What is inside, he adds, is wording that will push to get Security Council sanctions against Iran. ��Really this is a lot of ch

via Congress pushes Obama towards war with Iran �� RT.


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