PressTV – ‘US attack on Iran spells World War III’

The Obama Administration’s strategy for re-election is to start wars, but if the US were to “attack Iran,” it would “end up in a World War III,” a political analyst has told Press TV.

Edward Spannaus, editor of the weekly US-based news magazine Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), told our channel from Washington on Saturday that “his [US President Barack Obama’s] puppet masters, the people who pull his strings, do want war.”

“Iran of course is at the top of the list right now,” he noted and said, “It may start with an attack on Iran, but it would end up in a general world war.”

“This is how dangerous the situation is right now. And Obama — as we know — has done everything that Bush [former US president] and Cheney [US vice president under Bush] did, and he is likely to… get us involved in World War III,” he said.

On a potential military action by the Western military alliance of NATO against Syria, he said such a measure would function to precede similar ones against other countries. “Syria is very high on the list.”


via PressTV – ‘US attack on Iran spells World War III’.


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