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Azerbaijan, Baku, Nov. 5 / Trend T.Konyayeva, T.Jafarov/

If the Americans resort to terror, Iran will not use weapons against them because the U.S. is dead and to open fire on dead one is useless, Mehr News Agency quotes the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’s Basij militia commander General Mohammad Reza Nagdi as saying on Saturday.

Commenting on the recent U.S. assassination plot accusations, Nagdi said these allegations have demonstrated the real nature of the United States.

In mid-October, the U.S. authorities said they had broken up plans by two men linked to Iranian Quds Force – a special unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – to assassinate Saudi Ambassador to Washington Adel al-Jubeir.

Iran denies the allegations saying the U.S. uses this tactic to slander again Iran. The IRGC also rejected any involvement of the Quds force in the plot alleged by the United States.

Nagdi also said the Occupy Wall Street movement will lead to the U.S. and EU’s collapse.

The “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration run in more than 70 cities of the U.S., and hundreds of people have been arrested during last month.

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