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The UPCI adheres to a “Oneness” concept of the Godhead, in contrast to traditional Roman CatholicEastern Orthodox and Protestant understandings, which incorporate Trinitarian dogma. Hence, an understanding of Oneness is critical in any analysis of UPCI doctrine.

If you are one of the many people that have been stymied by the mysteries found in the book of Revelation, then Revelation Unveiled is the book for you.

The author systematically paints a complete and cohesive picture of the events described in the book of Revelation. Each and every verse and symbol is thoroughly referenced. The reader will finish this book with a much deeper understanding of the extraordinary treasures that make up the “Revelation of Jesus Christ!”

Rev. Dustin Abbott is a prolific writer and a student of the Word of God. Revelation Unveiled is an amazing, inspiring mother lode of practical illustrations that capture the essence of the Book of Revelation. Rev. Abbott is a gifted writer who has the ability to take the complex and make it easy to understand. Revelation Unveiled is a must-read for all students of the Bible.

Rev. Alonzo Dummitt, Ontario District Superintendent

A must for laymen and Bible students. Dustin Abbott has proven his knowledge and insight as a prolific curriculum author and now unfolds the book of Revelation. Read it now: reference it often!

Rev. Arnold MacLauchlan, Ontario District Secretary

Dustin Abbott is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International, and currently serves as pastor of Emmanuel Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Born into the home of a full-time evangelist, Rev. Abbott was raised on the road until his father established a new church in Scottsdale, Arizona. A fifth generation minister, he attended Christian Life College in Stockton, California prior to entering the ministry. Dustin has been married for 9 years to Lana and is the father of Samuel andJazzlyn. They are expecting their third child in August, 2007. Rev. Abbott is currently serving as Dean of the Ontario Leadership Training Centre campus in Ottawa and also serves as a writer for the curriculum committee. He has happily committed himself to a lifetime of study of God’s Word.

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