Jesus tells me that you’re stalking at me. Just leave me alone. WW3 begins NOW.

Lord Jesus tells me that you are stalking me. Are you crazy? Just give me a break. World War 3 is coming very soon in days. o.k. you should worry about WW3, a global nuke war, and all 23 million Taiwanese gotta be obliterated by China’s nukes, because Taiwan will definitely be hijacked by USA and forced to side with USA at war with China. you understand what i’m trying to tell you. Even the liberals with brilliant insight on petro-geopolitics see and declare WW3 is imminent, about to break out. Do you know what the liberals mean? They believe in Evolution, which means they are somewhat atheists. o.k. And, when even the somewhat atheists see WW3 with China is imminent, that means WW3 is on the door step, which is coming, looming horrendously large in days. Those liberals rarely read or grasp the Bible prophecy on the End Times. Those somewhat atheists don’t read the Bible prophecy and they don’t care the Bible prophecy. They see WW3 with their brilliant insight on petro-geopolitics. You get the picture?
just leave me alone. and you should enjoy your numbered days on earth. o.k. a sudden destruction will come upon the entire Taiwan island. all 23 million Taiwanese are going to die off and die out gruesomely by war, famine, plagues and wild animals. Lord Jesus tells me this message. And, Lord Jesus never jokes. you know Jesus never jokes. Go to eat delicious food. There gotta be a famine across Taiwan and many are going to starve to death. Right now, go enjoying food before it’s too late. And, leave me alone.

You really don’t wanna force me and push me to go fasting, praying, begging Lord Jesus to kill you, do you? Don’t push me too hard. Lord Jesus is on my side. Just leave me alone and you go to enjoy eating delicious food now, before it’s all too late. There gotta be a deadly famine coming upon the entire Taiwan island and many gotta starve to death. Almost all 23 million Taiwanese gotta die off and die out by war, famine, plagues and wild animals. For now, your days on earth are numbered and you should go enjoying eating delicious food. Just leave me alone. Don’t you ever force me and push me too hard. Leave me alone. I’m already so fed up with those saber-rattling, scary, dreadful breaking news updates day by day. Don’t push me too hard. And, you should go enjoying your numbered days on earth. WW3 is coming very soon in DAYS. Go eating and shopping, all of which are your favorite hobbies. Leave me alone.

And, let me tell you. I am called by Lord Jesus to tell the world that China and the USA are going to all-out nuke war, wiping out one-fourths of the world population by war, famine, plagues and wild animals. Lord Jesus has been tutoring me a lot of precious Bible knowledge relating to the End Times and the Rapture. Let me tell you. You really don’t wanna mess with me. I’m one of the beloved little servants of Lord Jesus. You mess with me, then you mess with Lord Jesus. Stay away from me and go enjoying your numbered days on earth. Leave me alone. Just leave me alone. You and I are gotta be living in TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLDS. Just leave me alone. Just don’t push me too hard. I’m fed up with you. LEAVE ME ALONE. Just go shopping, eating with your friends, do whatever makes you happy. And, leave me alone. Your days on earth are numbered. Leave me alone.

Right now, i’m already mentally stricken, so mentally stricken, by those dreadful, scary, saber-rattling news. 

So, don’t you ever push me too hard. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.

You, please feel free to browse whatever information i post online. Just don’t try to talk to me and comment and try to socialize with me. I will block all of you. Feel free to browse, BUT, DON’T COMMENT AND TRY TO SEDUCE ME TO INTERACT WITH YOU. I WON’T. I WILL BLOCK YOU.


you should just go eating, enjoying eating delicious food for now. Taiwan is going to be obliterated very soon in days and then sink into the bottom of the western Pacific Ocean. Lord Jesus tells me this message. Just leave me alone and go shopping and eating. Enjoy your numbered days on earth.
You mess with me, then you mess with Lord Jesus Christ, for i’m just a little humble cute little servants of Lord Jesus Christ. The End Times is coming in days. World War 3, a global nuke war, is coming in days. You should go eating and shopping and enjoying spending time chatting with your friends. Leave me alone.

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For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
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