Nuclear war on the horizon

  • Nuclear war on the horizon

05.12.2011 21:54

Nuclear war on the horizon. 46054.jpegIt might be the lazy way, to just sit and accept the utter bilge and lies coming from the mainstream western media when they report on events in Syria and Iran. But is it worth it? Would those who accept these lies still think it’s worth it, not to look for the truth, if they realize that we are heading straight for a third world war?

There comes a point in time, a point from which there is no return. Someone is going to get fed up and take that step, ignite that spark, that will lead to the beginning of another world war. This world is as close to world war as it was during the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Thirteen days in October 1962, the world looked on as Nikita Khrushchev and John Kennedy both, thankfully, tried to avoid a collision course that would set off a nuclear war between the two superpowers.

While conducting a spying mission on the Island of Cuba, the U2 aircraft discovered that missiles had been installed on the island to prevent the threat of any future invasion.

Kennedy decided to impose a naval blockade, or a ring of ships, around Cuba. The aim of this “quarantine,” as he called it, was to prevent the Soviet Union from bringing in more military supplies. He demanded the removal of the missiles already there and the destruction of the sites.

On October 22, President Kennedy spoke to his countrymen about the crisis in a televised address. Eye to eye, furious communications later, finally an agreement was made and both sides were able to stand down.

The missiles in Cuba would be removed, as would those in Turkey, and a promise to leave Cuba alone…demanded by Khrushchev. Later, movement towards peace and cooperation included the establishment of a teletype “Hotline” between the Kremlin and the White House and the signing of the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty on July 25, 1963.

Iran’s military said on Sunday it had shot down a U.S. reconnaissance drone aircraft in eastern Iran, a military source told state television. What was this drone doing over Iranian territory?

A potential conflagration between the two superpowers is reaching frightening levels in the Mediterranean with vessels of both the US and Russia maneuvering into confrontational positions.

The United States and its European allies have run roughshod over international law, rendering it null and void. The bloody aggression and genocidal campaign against Libya were just a beginning of the end.

The Yugoslavia campaign of lies and false accusations was repeated once again, while rubber stamp robots incorporated, known as the UN, gave the coalition of barbaric savages their cover of legitimacy with UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973, which were also repeatedly run over, violated and trashed as they crept toward total war and invasion rather than the established no-fly zone and no boots on the ground.

Infamous were the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and no less ridiculous were the claims that the Gaddafi government was “killing its own people.” Now they say the same about Syria and accuse Iran of trying to use nuclear energy to make nuclear weapons.

In a court of law, if the judge catches you lying even once, he will totally disregard your case because you were caught in a lie. All it takes is just one lie. You have destroyed your credibility totally and forever in his eyes.

If I find out you’ve lied to me once, from that time forward you will have to prove you’re not lying again when you make claims, otherwise I have no reason to not think you are not just lying again.

So, too, any thinking person cannot take what the U.S. and Europeans say or claim as remotely even credible, along with their Israeli friends. In all cases, they have to prove they are not lying because all they ever do is lie.

It’s more a case of these entities projecting their own evil intentions onto their marked, targeted victims.

So people out there, don’t accept what they say at face value, not from PROVEN LIARS.

Iran, one of their next targets of choice, does not constitute a threat to global security, or a threat to the security of Israel. Iran hasn’t done anything aggressive in over 250 years…and they have repeatedly allowed inspections beyond the call of reason and assured others that they have no intention of making nuclear weapons.

In Syria, so many lies already coming fast and furiously…inventing incidents that never happened. The people at the locations where several incidents were alleged to occur say no such thing ever happened.

Why is the west, as in the case of Libya, sending terrorists and weapons into Syria? Why are snipers shooting at unarmed civilians and at police/military?

They have declared they want Assad gone, just as they declared they wanted Gaddafi gone.

Who gives them the right? Let the people decide, and not a gang of terrorists and garbage faced airplanes dropping bombs on innocent civilians. Leave people alone.

The world community is getting fed up with this. China and Russia cannot be hoodwinked now into approving sanctions or approving military action.

The forces of demonic evil now have come nose to nose with the forces of reason. Ships from the U.S. and ships from Russia are now on the coast of Syria. Anything could happen.

Something will happen.

These two counties, China and Russia, also know they are on the list of targets.

You cannot on one hand have a fully armed, nuclear weapons possessing Israel and then tell Iran they cannot even use nuclear energy for peace…their right as signatories of the NPT, a treaty that Israel refuses to sign while also refusing any inspections.

Any one of a number of confrontations is going to start the next world war. These powerbroker elitists think they can escape the effects of a nuclear exchange…just shows how insane they are. They must be stopped and this warning must be taken seriously.

Either the citizens of the world demand these war pigs stand down, or face total global nuclear war. Demand that they stop the lies. Demand that they stop sending terrorists to disrupt the peaceful lives of your brothers and sisters.

Lisa Karpova


Lisa Karpova

The Large Families that rule the world

18.10.2011 00:50

The Large Families that rule the world. 45641.jpegSome people have started realizing that there are large financial groups that dominate the world. Forget the political intrigues, conflicts, revolutions and wars. It is not pure chance. Everything has been planned for a long time.

Some call it “conspiracy theories” or New World Order. Anyway, the key to understanding the current political and economic events is a restricted core of families who have accumulated more wealth and power.

We are speaking of 6, 8 or maybe 12 families who truly dominate the world. Know that it is a mystery difficult to unravel.

We will not be far from the truth by citing Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Loebs Kuh and Lehmans in New York, the Rothschilds of Paris and London, the Warburgs of Hamburg, Paris and Lazards Israel Moses Seifs Rome. 

Many people have heard of the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati or the Trilateral Commission. But what are the names of the families who run the world and have control of states and international organizations like the UN, NATO or the IMF?

To try to answer this question, we can start with the easiest: inventory, the world’s largest banks, and see who the shareholders are and who make the decisions.

The world’s largest companies are now: Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. 

Let us now review who their shareholders are.

Bank of America: 
State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR (Fidelity), Paulson, JP Morgan, T. Rowe, Capital World Investors, AXA, Bank of NY, Mellon. 

JP Morgan:

State Street Corp., Vanguard Group, FMR, BlackRock, T. Rowe, AXA, Capital World Investor, Capital Research Global Investor, Northern Trust Corp. and Bank of Mellon. 

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, Paulson, FMR, Capital World Investor, JP Morgan, Northern Trust Corporation, Fairhome Capital Mgmt and Bank of NY Mellon.

Wells Fargo: 
Berkshire Hathaway, FMR, State Street, Vanguard Group, Capital World Investors, BlackRock, Wellington Mgmt, AXA, T. Rowe and Davis Selected Advisers.

We can see that now there appears to be a nucleus present in all banks: State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock and FMR (Fidelity). To avoid repeating them, we will now call them the “big four” 

Goldman Sachs:

“The big four,” Wellington, Capital World Investors, AXA, Massachusetts Financial Service and T. Rowe. 

Morgan Stanley: 
“The big four,” Mitsubishi UFJ, Franklin Resources, AXA, T. Rowe, Bank of NY Mellon e Jennison Associates. Rowe, Bank of NY Mellon and Jennison Associates.

We can just about always verify the names of major shareholders. To go further, we can now try to find out the shareholders of these companies and shareholders of major banks worldwide. 

Bank of NY Mellon:
Davis Selected, Massachusetts Financial Services, Capital Research Global Investor, Dodge, Cox, Southeatern Asset Mgmt. and … “The big four.” 

State Street Corporation (one of the “big four”): 
Massachusetts Financial Services, Capital Research Global Investor, Barrow Hanley, GE, Putnam Investment and … The “big four” (shareholders themselves!). 

BlackRock (another of the “big four”): 
PNC, Barclays e CIC.
Who is behind the PNC? FMR (Fidelity), BlackRock, State Street, etc. 
And behind Barclays? BlackRock 

And we could go on for hours, passing by tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Monaco or the legal domicile of Shell companies in Liechtenstein. A network where companies are always the same, but never a name of a family.

In short: the eight largest U.S. financial companies (JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon and Morgan Stanley) are 100% controlled by ten shareholders and we have four companies always present in all decisions: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity. 

In addition, the Federal Reserve is comprised of 12 banks, represented by a board of seven people, which comprises representatives of the “big four,” which in turn are present in all other entities.

In short, the Federal Reserve is controlled by four large private companies: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity. These companies control U.S. monetary policy (and world) without any control or “democratic” choice. These companies launched and participated in the current worldwide economic crisis and managed to become even more enriched.

To finish, a look at some of the companies controlled by this “big four” group

Alcoa Inc.

Altria Group Inc.

American International Group Inc.

AT&T Inc.

Boeing Co.

Caterpillar Inc.

Coca-Cola Co.

DuPont & Co.

Exxon Mobil Corp.

General Electric Co.

General Motors Corporation

Hewlett-Packard Co.

Home Depot Inc.

Honeywell International Inc.

Intel Corp.

International Business Machines Corp

Johnson & Johnson

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

McDonald’s Corp.

Merck & Co. Inc.

Microsoft Corp.

3M Co.

Pfizer Inc.

Procter & Gamble Co.

United Technologies Corp.

Verizon Communications Inc.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Time Warner

Walt Disney


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.,

CBS Corporation

NBC Universal

The same “big four” control the vast majority of European companies counted on the stock exchange.

In addition, all these people run the large financial institutions, such as the IMF, the European Central Bank or the World Bank, and were “trained” and remain “employees” of the “big four” that formed them.

The names of the families that control the “big four”, never appear.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


Lisa Karpova

Next War – Iran

05.12.2011 12:47

Next War - Iran. 46044.jpegThe Geopolitics of the times may indicate that the next war is Iran.  Although Pakistan being an established nuclear power would logically be higher on the scales of denuking agenda for so called globalists. Still Geopolitical logic dictates otherwise.

In Iran’s case, the American agenda is to prevent it from going nuclear. (Something which Pakistan achieved over quarter of a century ago – Enriched Uranium) The recent IAEA accusative report, Israel’s brinkmanship (you do it or we do it), American election fervour (attacking Iran is an election issue for 2012, at least for Mitt Romney Republican Presidential candidate), conservative Arab animosity for Revolutionary Iran (in future nuclear armed), Iran’s energy linkage to Russia – China, Iran’s defiance of USA plus western world, and finally the fear or perception of Tehran crossing the nuclear Rubicon combine for ‘Strike on Iran’.

The most likely version is an air and missile strikes or campaign (depending how the war progresses). Still a limited invasion cannot be ruled out (US has freed most of its forces from Iraq for the purpose).

PM Benjamin Netanyahu, National security advisor Uzi Arad and Defence Minister Ehud Barak plus numerous Israeli leaders of late are cajoling for a strike on Iran. American friends have joined the Iran demonization campaign. For nearly a decade, this crying wolf – Iran going nuclear – or need to strike has been going on. This time it looks for real. The problem is both Israel and Iran are supremely confident and itching to fight.

In one scenario, Israeli air force (100 F15E, F16IS, F16cs), plus land based missiles (jhericos) and two Dolphin submarines (firing cruise missiles) off Iran’s coast initiate the first blow. This may be a one – two blow i.e., missile strikes preceding or following the air strikes. Destroying as much as possible of Iranian nuclear projects (Natanz, Esfahan, Busher etc) with bombs and missiles. Tehran’s retaliation with missiles plus Hezbollah, Hamas rockets are absorbed by Israel. Threatening to up the ante (Nuke Iran) Tel Aviv (evoking paranoia of a Second Holocaust) drags USA into the war, to use its larger military muscle. The Iranians fight back (Iran will respond with full force has already been said by Ayatollah Ali Khameni). Though the high intensity war may fizzle out in weeks or months, a low intensity war may continue for years. The Arab – Islamic world would be inflamed, the western world divided. War drags on – at least the asymmetrical part is protracted.         

‘The Point of No Return’ an article by the Atlantic makes clear the high probability of war with Iran. The Israelis are evasive on even if they would inform Washington about such a strike. An Israeli strike appears imminent now or in spring 2012 (winter is not considered ideal for such operations).

In fact the initial strategic moves have been initiated on the Middle East Geopolitical Chessboard. NATO is planning to intervene to achieve regime change in Syria. This is aimed at depriving Iran of its chief ally Syria and somewhat suffocating the Geopolitical space available to Hezbollah and Hamas. After Syria and Iran’s (claimed by US / NATO) isolation, the stage will be set for war on Iran initiated by Israel, US or jointly. Tehran’s revolutionary fervour which engulfed the British Embassy and reports of Libyan (NATO trained) fighters being shipped to fight against the Damascus Regime and a lot more are indicators of the gathering Great Storm.   

Despite an election year if USA strikes Iran, it would obviously be a heavier punch than Israel. More so, it may not be limited to Iran’s nuclear establishment, but also aim at the Revolutionary Guards, military industrial – economic complex, ports, and communication infrastructure. In essence ‘Cave Age or Scorched Earth’. According to David Rothkopf (author of Super Class), it would be folly to assume President Obama cannot strike Iran due to an election year. By the same token, many Americans and Europeans are against an attack on Iran.

The British are unsure, the French hesitant, Germans Anti aggression, the Russians (Putin led) against an attack, the Chinese peace loving, even India and Pakistan may have similar views – (no attack on Iran). The world yearns for peace, but the Israeli leaders are preparing (even if the Israeli nation is divided on the issue). Good Americans want jobs at home not conflict abroad – but the war lobby wants war.

Attack on Iran plans have been on hold since President Bush era. Now in 2012, US Presidential campaign ‘most Republican Candidates’ except Ron Paul are for ‘bombing Iran’.

Interestingly America’s ex defenders Mr. Robert Gates, Admiral Mike Mullen, General Zinni etc have serious reservations on the ‘Persian Misadventure’. Even the present Defence Secretary Panetta (despite europhia of Bin Laden killing)’warned of unintended consequences!

Even more ironically the Israeli nation is divided by half on the subject. (After all the expected Iranian riposte of missiles, rockets and asymmetrical attacks is going to first of all target Israel). As a smart Israeli went to the extent of saying that if America was so worried about a ‘Second Holocaust’ it might fight Iran itself (without Israeli involvement). The Israeli Defence Forces even while confident are apprehensive and rightly so!

Still wise people in Europe, America and elsewhere are asking pertinent questions. A single Israeli Air strike will not be sufficient to totally destroy the Iranian nuclear projects, (delay it by 2 to 3 years), what next? If the US does not bomb Iran, what is the war termination strategy? Will it become a regional war by design or default? Will it escalate to nuclear realm?

What will be the impact on the Arab spring and Middle East? (Probably go hyper Anti Israel – Anti American!)

The reality is, there are no good answers. What if radioactivity due to Israel – US bombing reaches Nuclear Armed Pakistan and India? (Of course the Pakistani elite have no time for such issues. They are uninitiated into Pakistani Geopolitical issues, what to ponder about Iran?)

Unfortunately the fact is that an attack on Iran will adversely affect Pakistan in many ways. Pakistan will be surrounded by hostile India, unstable Afghanistan and warring Iran. Radioactivity leaks due to bombing may reach Pakistan! (Even handling Dengue Mosquitoes has been an uphill task). Inflame Shias, bring Iranian refugees, disrupt gas, oil import and bring Pakistan closer to the denuking agenda!

Reportedly the Russian PM Putin when recently briefed on emerging Geopolitics and probability of war told his generals, ‘Prepare for Armageddon’!

Putin – a great visionary leader is absolutely right. US – NATO attack on Iran would unleash ‘the hounds of hell’ not only for the victim state but the region around, the world at large and the attackers themselves!

The only viable solution in Global interest is ‘Geopolitics of Peace’. A comprehensive peace settlement from Mediterranean Sea to the Gulf to include Israel – Palestine, Israel – Iran issues. Plus pull out of all foreign troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. The need for denuking wars would stand obviated. The specter of hell on earth (for everybody) exorcised!

Nadir Mir

Author of the book “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard”

Blog: Pakistan and Geopolitics

The author is a retired Brigadier of the Pakistan Army.

NATO conceals preparations for military action against Syria

24.11.2011 16:33

NATO conceals preparations to military action against Syria. 45954.jpegThe United States has decided to disengage itself from certain obligations on the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE). In particular, the USA will no longer inform Russia about the plans connected with the redeployment of its forces. Those restrictions are not touching upon any other country.

“Today the United States announced in Vienna, Austria, that it would cease carrying out certain obligations under the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty with regard to Russia. This announcement in the CFE Treaty’s implementation group comes after the United States and NATO Allies have tried over the past 4 years to find a diplomatic solution following Russia’s decision in 2007 to cease implementation with respect to all other 29 CFE States. Since then, Russia has refused to accept inspections and ceased to provide information to other CFE Treaty parties on its military forces as required by the Treaty,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Tuesday.

According to her, the USA does not refuse from the dialogue with Russia within the scope of the Treaty. However, Russia must get back to the institution of the CFE, the US diplomat added.

Nuland also said that the United States did not intend to tie the CFE with the missile defense talks.

The remarks from the US diplomat look like another attempt to turn everything up side down again. It is worth mentioning here that the first edition of the CFE Treaty was signed in 1990, during the existence of both NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The document stipulated a reduction of the number of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery (larger than 100 mm in caliber), combat planes and helicopters, as well as information exchange.

A renewed variant of the treaty was signed in 1999. The new edition reflected such changes in Europe as the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the expansion of NATO. However, only Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan ratified the new treaty. Russia moved a big part of its arms behind the Ural mountains, but the Western countries did not even want to execute it. The expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance continued, and NATO neared Russian borders.

At the end of 2007, Vladimir Putin decided to suspend Russia’s participation in the CFE until the USA and its European allies ratified the renewed variant of the treaty. The Americans did not want to make any moves in that direction. Now they have decided not to inform Russia about the redeployment of its forces. This is obviously another violation of the treaty which the United States committed.

What consequences may Russia face as a result of the US decision? Pravda.Ru asked expert opinion from the director of the Center for Military Forecasts, Anatoly Tsyganok.

The USA will stop informing Russia about military redeployments. The Americans can technically send their troops to Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, which did not sign the treaty. Will the Baltic states turn into an uncontrollable military center near Russia’s borders?”

“When Russia suspended its participation in the CFE Treaty, she had the right to say that some NATO’s newcomers, such as the Baltic states and Slovenia, had never signed the treaty. Now NATO eyes Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and all other former members of the Warsaw Pact.

“When they were deciding on the unification of Germany in 1990, Germany and France said in the appendix to the adequate agreement that NATO would not move beyond the Oder River (the river separates Germany and Poland – ed.). However, the West does not take this appendix into consideration. They only follow the agreement itself, which does not say a word about the non-expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance. It just so happens that the USA and its allies played a trick on Russia.

Why did it take the United States four years to decide not to inform Russia about military redeployments?”

“Apparently, it is connected with the situation in the Mediterranean Sea. One may assume that NATO will create a military group near Russia’s southern borders to strike Syria. They will most likely raise this issue at the NATO summit in December. They will try to analyze Syria’s actions in case NATO conducts a military operation against the country, like it already happened in Libya.”

Is Russia a big obstacle for conducting NATO’s operation against Syria? Does the USA have anything to conceal from us at this point?”

“Russia is an obstacle, yes. We have a naval base in Syria’s Tartus. The base is protected with air defense complexes, so the chances for aggression from NATO or Israel from the sea are slim. If they decide to attack, it will most likely happen from the side of Saudi Arabia. So the USA has something to conceal.

“There is another aspect to this. There are approximately 120,000 Russian citizens living in Syria. Presumably, it goes about Russian women, who married local men. Russia can use this detail to interfere into the events in Syria. In addition, 20 percent of the Russian defense complex will simply tip off the perch in case Russia loses the Syrian market. It is not ruled out that they are regrouping NATO forces to get ready for the war against Syria, and they don’t want to notify Russia of that.”

Vadim Trukhachev


媒體稱伊朗軍隊加緊備戰 美國或兩周內對伊空襲

鉅亨網新聞中心 (來源:財匯資訊,摘自:中國新聞網) 2011-12-08 10:35:02 


















該報認為,美軍很可能使用新一代高精準導彈摧毀伊朗深達60 米的地下工事。美國還將使用裝備有長達6米、可攜帶重達2.5噸炸藥的激光制導導彈的B2隱形轟炸機破壞伊朗被懷疑藏有大規模殺傷性武器的掩體和隧道。














  不過,也有分析認為,伊朗一向視導彈為其抗衡美以的主要殺手 ,一次爆炸是否能夠奪去伊朗整個導彈發展體系的根本,現在還難以早下結論。








根據《華盛頓郵報》11月30日報導,美國喬治城大學( Georgetown University ) 教授卡伯( Phillip Karber ) 和他的學生,長期研究中共的二砲部隊,他們在沒有公開發表的報告中指出,中共挖掘了長達4,828公里的地下隧道。根據這個推算,中共軍隊擁有的核子彈頭高達3千枚,超過了過去各個大學、各個學者、各個情報機構推算出來的中共的核彈頭,只有80枚到400枚這一個譜。這一篇長達363頁沒有正式公開的研究報告,已經在美國的國防部和美國的民間智庫之間流傳;美國國會甚至要邀請卡伯教授來出席聽證會。









那麼《華盛頓郵報》11月30日消息登出來了之後,受到了不同的評論,其中有一部分認為卡伯教授所做的工作是不真實的;有的人甚至非常粗暴的講,他說: 「你們是欺騙的,你們很懶惰,你們欺騙。」但是我要問了,如果說他是欺騙的話,那麼卡伯教授是欺騙了美國國防部;因為美國國防部在今年的8月份,發表的《2011年中共軍力評估報告》​​裡面,採用了他們的一部分資料,那麼這樣的話,卡伯是變成犯了欺騙罪了!我並不這樣認為。因為他們所做的工作是幾十人做的,不是一個人做的,並且有各種各樣的參考資料,並且有電視片、有手冊。至於說他欺騙,也是一家之說吧!美國是言論自由,你一家之說。




















你既要有工作,但是一定要有穩定的國家安全,所以在這個前提下,奧巴馬他也採取了一些措施,應對這些危險。我們可以看到,奧巴馬從上任以來一直提倡要重返亞太。從今年開始重返了亞太,要建立一個TPP ( Trans-Pacific Partnership 跨太平洋經濟戰略夥伴協定) 的經濟結構,要孤立中共,要和澳洲建立軍事協定,要跟菲律賓加強軍事合作,要建立一個亞洲版的北約。為什麼?因為中共擴張了嘛!中共軍事擴張威脅到這些國家了,所以美國要往前走,並且從更深層的角度來說明美國的安全和利益受到了威脅,所以美國要把能夠防護美國國家的範圍往前擴到中國大門口,這是保護美國。




The war against Iran’s nuclear program has already begun

Explosions, deadly computer viruses and other sorts of ‘accidents’ – someone is targeting Iran’s nuclear project: either the Western intelligence agencies, internal opposition groups, or both.

By Yossi MelmanTags: Iran nuclear Iran threat

The war is under way, though no one declared it and no one will confirm it. This is the secret war against Iran’s nuclear project. It did not start this week or last month. It has been under way for years, but only faint echoes have reached the public.

In June 2010, the press reported that the computer system operating the uranium enrichment centrifuges at Natanz had been infected with a virus. A deadly worm, known as Stuxnet, had infiltrated the controllers, manufactured by Siemens.

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Two weeks ago, a huge blast ripped through a Revolutionary Guards military base 40 kilometers west of Tehran. The explosion could be heard as far away as the capital. Dozens of people were killed, including the head of Iran’s missile development project, General Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam. This week, there was a powerful explosion in Isfahan, Iran’s third-largest city, which has a uranium conversion plant on its outskirts. It is not yet clear what was damaged in the blast.

These incidents involved three key elements of Iran’s nuclear program. The first is uranium conversion (which comes after the mineral has been mined ), the second is enrichment, and the third is the delivery means.

Coupled with other incidents, including the assassination of several Iranian nuclear scientists, these events have worried the ayatollahs’ regime, causing reactions ranging from embarrassment to anger. The public response usually follows a pattern: first a sweeping denial, then a limp and stuttering admission that “something happened,” and finally the claim that it was an “accident.” This shows that the regime does not know exactly what to say, and that its voice is not uniform. It also reflects the fierce dispute within the regime’s top ranks. The leadership is divided, and the reactions come from a range of ministries, rival organizations and competing media outlets.

The kind of sabotage used in Iran requires sophistication, financial and technological resources, agents and precise intelligence. Someone, for example, had to know that General Moqaddam would be at the base that day to supervise a test, apparently of a new missile engine.

Infecting the computers required access to them: A person with a flash drive had to have plugged it into the system. The prevailing assumption is that foreign intelligence agencies are initiating, managing and executing the secret operations.

The Iranians, and international media outlets, believe these operations are the work of Israel’s Mossad and possibly also a Western partner such as the CIA or Britain’s MI6.

The Mossad’s campaign to assassinate the Black September members behind the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre was code-named “Wrath of God.” This week, when asked whether God had carried out the recent operations in Iran, former Mossad head Meir Dagan smilingly said yes. Dagan is known to be an ardent supporter of secret operations, as he told Yedioth Ahronoth explicitly this week. He believes it will be at least two years until Iran can assemble a functioning nuclear weapon. This assessment may be based on past secret operations and on Dagan’s faith that future actions can indeed disrupt Iran’s progress.

A senior American official went even farther. President Barack Obama’s special assistant and coordinator for arms control and weapons of mass destruction, proliferation and terrorism, Gary Samore, said in May 2011, “I’m glad to hear they are having troubles with their centrifuge machines, and the U.S. and its allies are doing everything we can to make it more complicated.” Do we need any clearer statement that humans are behind the “hand of God”?

Even if the Mossad or the CIA are not involved in these incidents, the speculation that they are serves Western intelligence bodies by enhancing their image as “omnipotent,” and heightening the Iranian leadership’s fear. This is known as psychological warfare.

Still, with all due respect for Western intelligence’s great efforts – including what is probably unprecedented operational coordination – it is unlikely these operations could have succeeded without inside support, meaning from individuals or groups ready to help sabotage the ayatollahs’ regime. It should be remembered that Iran is a mosaic of ethnic minorities, and almost all have reasons for disliking the regime; some have their own underground armed militias.

The theory about inside-help gains traction given that, in addition to the military targets, other sites – including oil facilities, gas pipelines, trains and military bases – were also damaged over the past year. Last year there was a considerable increase, of at least 10 percent, in “breakdowns” and “accidents” at Iran’s strategic infrastructure sites. Some were caused by poor maintenance, due in part to the international sanctions, but the volume of these incidents may also indicate the “hand of God” was involved. If this is the case, then it’s possible that internal Iranian opposition groups (as opposed to exiles ) are stronger and even better organized than generally thought.

It is almost certain that Tehran’s patience is about to run out. This was evidenced by the student mob’s “conquest” of the British embassy this week. This was not spontaneous rage: It was a warning from a regime that realizes someone has declared war on it without leaving marks or fingerprints.

Sooner or later, the ayatollahs’ regime will decide to react and will order its secret intelligence and operational units to retaliate. If and when this happens, Iran will take steps to conceal its involvement in such activities. However, past experience proves that despite the caution and sophistication of the Iranian secret services, they have often failed in obscuring their fingerprints.

Read this article in Hebrew: המלחמה הקרה בין ישראל לאיראן

David Miliband: Attacking Iran would increase the risk of nuclear war

Multilateral Foreign Policy > Published by Alex Hern, December 2nd 2011 at 12:26 pm

David Miliband has strongly spoken out against the risks of sleepwalking into a war with Iran.

Writing for the Financial Times, Miliband argued (£):

Diplomacy must take the lead in preventing a major war with Iran -for that is what it would be. What is more, the regime faces at least four serious challenges of its own.

First, it is clear that sanctions, cyberwar and covert operations have impaired Iran’s progress towards a nuclear weapons capability, with most estimates holding that the regime is at least two years away from achieving it. To be clear, no one has made the case such an achievement is imminent.

Second, IAEA inspectors continue to monitor key installations and operations, providing a tripwire presence able to signal any dramatic change in policy or practice by Tehran. It would be disastrous if the fallout from the Iranian storming of the British embassy included the harassment or expulsion of inspectors by the regime.

Third, Iran’s strategic influence in the region is waning. Its sole ally in the Arab world, the Syrian regime, is badly weakened and probably entering an end game. Among the Arab public, Iran’s popularity has plummeted since the highs of the 2006 Lebanon war.

Fourth, and too often neglected, are the aspirations of the Iranian people. They have often shown that they do not share the regime’s hostility to the world and instead aspire to the same kinds of open government that the youth of the Arab world are reaching for.

He was insistent that we must not underestimate the risk of a nuclear armed Iran, however (£):

We subscribe to the view that the price of a nuclear-armed Iran would be very high – unacceptably high. Iran’s capacity to destabilise the region would increase considerably. The response from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others would mean the end of the non-proliferation treaty. The chance that nuclear weapons would be used would be much closer.

Speaking to Sky News about the subject, Miliband was clear:

Iran might be “exasperating, difficult… destabilising the rest of the region” but military action would be unjustified.

If Iran develops nuclear weapons it would be unacceptable but they are at least two years away from this, he told Boulton and Co.

“Ingenious diplomacy” is key to stopping the situation escalating to war, the Labour MP added.

Miliband is just the latest in a line of experienced foreign affairs actors to speak out against the growing sabre-rattling about Iran. Hans Blix argued last month that not only would threats of war not prevent them from developing nuclear weapons, but could actively encourage them.

Blix said:

“Even threatening attack in my view is unwise, because most states that acquire nuclear weapons do so for perceived security reasons, and if they are threatened well then they will think “we’d better rush on and get them”. So if anything they need assurance that “no, you don’t need the weapon because you will not be attacked, but you will be squeezed, you will be treated harshly economically.

“The question is “can you scare a country into staying away from the weapon” and I think that’s unlikely. They did not do it with Iraq, the Israelis destroyed the Oserak reactor in 1981, but Saddam just moved on. In my view the better way is to try and reassure states that they don’t need nuclear weapons, because they will not be attacked from the outside. That goes for North Korea as well.”

Iran will know what the difference between Iraq and North Korea was, and the more we imply they should be treated like the former, the quicker they’ll try to become like the latter.

Covert nuclear war against Iran: Rights violations, profits increasing

Both covert human rights violations against Iran and military-industrial-complex war machine profits predictably increasing as Americans struggle in ‘failing economy’

Voters for Peace reports covert war against Iran has likely begun with drones, Stuxnet, blowing up nuclear facilities and assassinating or kidnapping scientists. Mark Hibbs, nuclear expert at Carnegie Endowment in Germany, reports intensity of the covert war indicates this is where U.S. and Israel are now putting their energy, big business with big profits for war contractors, all despite no evidence that Iran is a nuclear threat and increasing rights violations against Americans struggling in a “failing economy” and “war on terror.”

“If the U.S. or Israel were determined to take Iran’s nuclear installations out they wouldn’t be wasting time pinpointing individual scientists like this,” says Mark Hibbs, nuclear expert at Carnegie Endowment in Germany who points out Israel’s 1981 attack on Iraq’s Osirak reactor was also preceded by assassination attempts on Iraqi scientists.
Iran claims it downed a US stealth drone deep inside its territory and US has acknowledged it ‘lost’ a drone over Afghanistan but no hostile fire was involved according to Sky News that says, “Neither of these statements appear entirely accurate, but both seem to contain some truth, and both show how the covert war between the two countries continues to rage.” 
“This is the fourth occasion the Iranians have claimed to have shot down a US drone but they have yet to show any evidence. However, it is the first time they have named the type of drone – a RQ-170 ‘Sentinel’. The Americans haven’t confirmed the type of drone they ‘lost’, but it is known that the Sentinel operates out of Kandahar in Afghanistan. 
“The RQ-170 can operate above 30,000 feet, but there is no need for such an aircraft for Afghanistan as the Taliban doesn’t have an air force or any surface to air missiles capable of reaching that high. This suggests the real mission for the Sentinel is to fly over places such as Pakistan and Iran.” (Sky News)
Human rights group Voters For Peace reports, “The stakes here are high. Yet there are few voices sounding alarmed that the U.S. flying a stealth drone over Iran is reckless.” 
“This has echoes of the May Day 1960 U-2 incident where the U.S. asserted the pilot of a ‘weather plane’ had ‘difficulties with his oxygen equipment’ and crashed. Except today’s RQ-170 drones can do just fine without Gary Powers.”
“When the Soviets recovered the U-2 Powers ejected from nearly intact, the best the U.S. could do was deplore what they imagined their Soviet counterparts in the KGB were doing to Powers in some rat hole Gulag in Siberia. At least the United States of America didn’t do THAT. Now it’s a little tougher to blur the distinction between the tortured and the torturers.
“The Powers incident set back Russian-American relations by years that culminated with the nuclear stand-off with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Depending on what one believes, a steely JFK out maneuvered the war mongers. But does anyone see steel in President Obama when it comes to reigning the war machine in? Was it his pluck and steel that earned him the Nobel?”
Michael Hirsh reports for The Atlantic on the morning of December 5, “Violent incidents between Iran and the West have been increasing. 
“Two incidents that occurred on Sunday–Iran’s claim of a shoot-down of a U.S. drone, and an explosion outside the British embassy in Bahrain–may have been unrelated. But they appear to add to growing evidence that an escalating covert war by the West is under way against Iran, and that Tehran is retaliating with greater intensity than ever.”
“Asked whether the United States, in cooperation with Israel, was now engaged in a covert war against Iran’s nuclear program that may include the Stuxnet virus, the blowing-up of facilities and the assassination or kidnapping of scientists, one recently retired U.S. official privy to up-to-date intelligence would not deny it. 
“‘It’s safe to say the Israelis are very active,’ the official said, adding about U.S. efforts: “Everything that [GOP presidential candidate] Mitt Romney said we should be doing–tough sanctions, covert action and pressuring the international community — are all of the things we are actually doing. 
“‘Though the activities are classified, a senior Obama administration official also would not deny that such a program was under way. He indicated that the U.S. was not involved in every action, referring to recent alleged explosions at Isfahan and elsewhere. But, he added: ‘I wouldn’t assume that everything we do is coordinated.” (The Atlantic)
Sky News says, “Drones, assassinations, conflict by proxy, mysterious explosions…it’s not war, but neither is it peace.”

Making a killing out of killing
High-tech non-traditional warfare is more covert and more profitable than traditional warfare.
“Just like the taxpayers of mediaeval Italian city-states, we are having our money siphoned off into the business of war,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald today.
“This year the Obama government contracted to pay Xe Services a quarter of a billion dollars for security work in Afghanistan. This is just one of many companies making its profits out of warfare.”
About President Barack Obama’s weapon of choice, drones, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported last month that nuclear physics and defense contractor headquartered in San Diego, California, General Atomics has probably profited most from this first decade of armed drones. The company makes two armed vehicles – Predators and Reapers used by both the UK and US forces.
“Exactly how much it profits from the industry is kept secret as the company, which is a private enterprise incorporated in Delaware, does not publish any financial information, including its annual turnover and profits.”
The recent International Atomic Energy Agency report that provoked outcry against Iran’s nuclear ambitions “contained nothing that proved that Iran was developing nuclear weapons,” reports SMH that says the war on Iran has been “completely predictable.”
“The US government spent a staggering $US687 billion on ”defence” last year. Think what could be done with that money if it were put into hospitals, schools or to pay off foreclosed mortgages.”

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