The Dawn Of The Franco-German Empire

USA Eagle boy, UK Lion girl, Germany Leopard girl, France Rooster girl, Italy Espresso girl, and their little sister, Israel Darling girl, all of them have a shared big sugar daddy and mommy, that is, Mr. and Ms. Rothschild, the most powerful and richest family on the planet earth. And, NATO is the war machine that belongs to the Rothschild Banking Family. All the NATO boy and girls, so heavily-armed and some nuclear-armed, are all the Rothschild Banking Family’s lovely kids. In other words, they’re all brothers and sisters in a big family, their surname is Rothschild. And, all the Rothschild’s boys and sisters, the NATO boys and sisters, will stand by with one another when facing an imminent threat, such as a rising, nuclear-armed China with a ferociously ravenous appetite for oil.
So, we don’t have to worry too much about UK Lion girl and Germany Leopard girl’s not seeing eye to eye sometimes, because both girls’ shared super sugar daddy, Mr. Rothschild, will prevent his two, proud, smart and heavily-armed beloved daughters, UK Lion girl and Germany Leopard girl, from going to real shooting war. And, of course, UK Lion girl and Germany Leopard girl are both Mr. Rothschild’s beloved daughters, so both girls are actually sisters. And indeed, UK Lion girl and Germany Leopard girl will stand by with each other when facing an outside, imminent threat, such as a nuclear-armed China Dragon.
And, Mr. Rothschild already orders his beloved only son, USA Eagle boy, to take on China Dragon boy, who dares to challenge Mr. Rothschild’s global hegemony on oil war, the resource wars. So, USA Eagle already deploys 7 aircraft carrier combat groups and 18 nuclear attack submarines in the western Pacific region. China Dragon boy will unleash his beloved, nuclear-armed mad dog, North Korea, to ferociously attack South Korea Ginseng girl, whose boyfriend is USA Eagle boy and whose Big Sister is Japan Sakura girl. USA and Japan will definitely come to the rescue for South Korea Ginseng girl.
So, when Rothschild-controlled, USA-led NATO West Empire go to war with Communist China Party, both heavily nuclear-armed with thousands of nukes, the entire world simply gets fatally caught in the zero-sum, mafia war over oil and the global hegemonic crown, the two big mafia families’ oil war, the Rothschild Banking Family and Communist China Party, a reality horror show, which gotta be wiping out one-fourths of the world population by war, famine, plagues and wild animals, WW3, imminent in days, and so does the Church Rapture, set before WW3, an all-out nuke war, China v.s. USA.

Revelation 6:8
Good News Translation (GNT)
8 (A)I looked, and there was a pale-colored horse. Its rider was named Death, and Hades[a] followed close behind. They were given authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill by means of war, famine, disease, and wild animals.

Whatever you wanna say, your opinions don’t matter anyway. World War 3 is imminent in days. All I can do is to post online here to inform my browsers who flip through my posts here. World War 3, mainly China and USA engaging at all-out nuke war, China completely obliterated and USA partly wiped out, paving the way for the New EU, the Beast Empire of the Antichrist, to grasp the sole superpower crown at the End Times, imminent in days, and so does the Church Rapture, set before WW3. It’s not my words. It is all the Bible Prophecy and now, in 2011, all the End Times prophecies, suddenly, are turning every day breaking news updates, and I’m just trying to inform the world what’s about to come upon the entire globe, a WW3. Whatever you wanna say doesn’t matter and won’t change the destiny of the earth.

Daniel 7:6

Good News Translation (GNT)

 6 While I was watching, another beast appeared. It looked like a leopard, but on its back there were four wings, like the wings of a bird, and it had four heads. It had a look of authority about it.

The Dawn Of The Franco-German Empire

98 comments |  December 2, 2011

Something extraordinary, if not surprising, happened overnight in Europe. Both Sarkozy and Merkel spoke, separately, of increased authority of the currency union based on a new treaty. This implies, of course, the erosion of sovereignty of the other member states. This must have had UK watching with great apprehension, US with furled brows, and the ears perking up on geopolitical junkies all over the world.

A brief history may be in order. Historically, the UK has always viewed France as the source of geopolitical pressure from the European continent. Therefore, the rise of Bismarck, Germany, in the late 19th century was welcomed by Britain. This ought to keep the pesky French busy, they thought. But both the rise of Germany and decline of France were faster than the British had prepared for. Germany quickly became the face of the continental pressure, and France became a stepping stone, however unwillingly.

To be sure, “Merkozy” is only talking about partial centralization of fiscal authority so far. But nobody had talked about this when the euro was first introduced; instead, everyone emphatically assured everyone of complete sovereignty and dismissed any notion of centralized governance with theatrical indignation. As problems surfaced, a bit of centralization became necessary — but no worries, just a little bit, relax, trust me.

But if we now agree a currency union cannot stand without a political union, how can anyone believe the centralization will stop with the fiscal policy? A little bit here, a little bit there, before you know it, we have a Franco-Germany Empire (though of course it won’t be called that).

At least that’s the only way to save the euro. Too bad it’ll either never happen or cause a geopolitical earthquake on a global scale.

  • There’s a deep historical and cultural divide between Germany and France.
  • Germany is the de facto “more equal” partner, but France will not stand for it.
  • The current Anglo-Saxon Empire will view this as a grave, long-term strategic threat. The euro had come close to threatening the dollar’s reserve status just before the trouble surfaced. If it morphs into a Franco-German Empire, it would become a more concrete threat since not only the euro is on more solid and sustainable footing, but also it’s a major new geopolitical force to be reckoned with. No conspiracy theory needed, but there will be many forces trying to sabotage it through a million levers.
  • The little ones will haggle and hustle throughout the process, making the process painfully slow and with many twists and turns. The big two cannot brush them aside until it’s done.
  • Once the Franco-German Empire takes shape, an alliance with Russia is the natural next step. I know, they hate each other just as much as everybody hates everybody else in Europe. But the pressure from the Anglo-Saxon world would make it the less resentful alternative. And then, if China silently supports it, the Franco-German-Russian-Chinese alliance actually has a chance to go on in the face of declining Anglo-Saxon Empire. When the time is convenient, Japan will no doubt reclaim their long-lost yet long-sought-after independence. In fact, there’s a natural common theme for the New Axis: they all want strategic independence from the US. And you thought we’ll never have a big war ever again.

This is the kind of stuff that goes into history e-books for future generations. And people fret over Iran or the VIX over 30 as if it’s a big thing.

No, I’m not predicting war. But if you think war is impossible, you’re delusional. The US has been perfecting the art of conventional warfare without triggering the nuclear threshold. And other countries haven’t gone to sleep, either. There are deeply rooted, long-running reasons why France has relentlessly pursued its strategic independence from US; Germany rose quickly before WWI, again before WWII, and again recently; Russia and China simply refuse to join the Anglo-Saxon Empire no matter what. I don’t think the resolution has to be war. But a financial/economic confrontation can be quite painful and damaging in this day and age. Just try to imagine (put your thumb on the 911 call button — now — ready?) driving without GPS. There.

Looking at the more immediate future, the Brussels Summit on 12/8-12/9 carries so much hope that it has to disappoint. Europeans are masters of treaties. They’ve produced on average more than one major international treaties per year since 19th century. The carefully thought-out ones take years to finish and last five years. The hastily drawn ones last months. Pick your poison.

Unless the market has a major pull-back before Dec. 8, I’d open a small, speculative short position, and either add to or close it quickly after the announcement. In other words, the risk is heavily biased on the downside before the summit.

On a longer time horizon, if the fiscal union appears more realistic after the summit, the current rally may continue on a bit and the world might even stop obsessing over Europe for awhile. But, as discussed above, the euro problem will come back one way or the other. Fed has acted to save ourselves by saving Europeans, twice (2008 and the recent coordinated currency swap lines), after being hijacked by over-leveraged European banks. It will have to do this again, except that it’s unlikely to work again as the market gradually see thedistinction between a liquidity crisis and a solvency one.

Disclosure: I am short SPY, and long GLD and TLT.


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