UK Lion girl, France Rooster girl, Turk Ottoman girl gotta cut off Syria Cobra girl’s head.

UK Lion girl and France Rooster girl, two heavily nuclear-armed combat girls, so hot and gorgeous, gotta wage their high-tech claymores and cut off Syria Cobra girl’s head.
And, while Syria is being slain, NATO’s darling, Israel Darling girl, is going to flatten Syria’s two little sisters, Hezbollah Rocket girl and Hamas Rocket girl, and both rocket girls gotta be so dead by Israel Darling girl’s ferocious bombs, so powerful and high-tech. There’s no way that those two little cute rocket girls can survive when being under severe attack by Israel Darling girl. And, at the same time, their shared boyfriend, USA Eagle boy, is going to relentless bomb Iran Cobra girl and of course preemptively nuke Iran’s nuke sites into ash. And, OF course, USA Eagle boy will keep an eye on Russia, the Lovely Teddy Bear with oil and natural gas, when NATO’s heavily-armed sweethearts are slashing Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. Once Russia Teddy Bear dares to move a little bit, just a little bit of his little cute, hairy, chubby fingers, USA Eagle will grill and barbecue Russia Teddy Bear.
And, Iran Cobra girl’s boyfriend, China Dragon boy, is going to fly out and storm out of his cave and shoot dead many nations in the western Pacific and of course he is not gotta let USA Eagle boy to get away. China’s allegedly 3000 nukes will wipe out about 100 million Americans, radioactively castrate the remaining 200 million Americans’ fertility of reproducing normal form offspring, shatter USA’ sole superpower crown into ash, snip USA Eagle’s wings, knock down USA into a fallen, castrated eagle in coma, though China completely obliterated by USA’ 2000 nukes currently aiming at China, paving the way for the New EU to grasp the sole superpower crown, fulfilling the Bible prophecy that a revived Roman Empire is the sole superpower at the End Times, imminent in days, and so does the Church Rapture, set before WW3.
Russia, the Lovely Teddy Bear with oil and natural gas, is the biggest winner after WW3, because he is gotta get married with 3 gorgeous European beauties, also Mr. Rothschild’s beloved daughters, that is, UK Lion girl and France Rooster girl and Germany Leopard girl. The New EU with UK Lion’s Mouth (English as the official language in the New EU), Germany Leopard’s Skeleton (Germany, the smartest girl in Europe will shape and renovate and dominate the entire financial and political systems in the New EU), Russia Bear’s Feet (Russia, the Lovely Teddy Bear with oil and natural gas, is simply the Energy Boy in the New EU and Mr. Rothschild’s new son-in-law.) A sweet, lovely beast family in freezing cold nuke fallout winter, everything contaminated with deadly plutonium radiation. So lovely, so sweet, and I’m so horrified to see this picture in advance via the Bible prophecy.

Shevardnadze: Russia will join NATO and the EU

2011-11-21 13:08

Revelation 13:2Good News Translation (GNT)2 (A)The beast looked like a leopard, with feet like a bear’s feet and a mouth like a lion’s mouth. The dragon gave the beast his own power, his throne, and his vast authority.

Shevardnadze: Russia will join NATO and the EU. 24682.jpeg

Former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze said that Russia would surely become a member of the European Union and NATO.

“Mark my words. Russia will join the EU and NATO”, VZGLIAD quoted the words of Shevardnadze.

He added that Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization and other supranational union “is important for the whole world”.

We note that recently Eduard Shevardnadze stated that the current head of state Mikhail Saakashvili should start a dialogue with Russia.

Shevardnadze, in an interview to “Asaval-Dasavali”, noted that Saakashvili must “try out all the way” to start the dialogue between Moscow and Tbilisi. According to him, without such efforts by the Georgian president they “cannot return Abkhazia and South Ossetia”.

again, I do need and I do wanna scream really hard and out lout because I am so horrified by the End Times Breaking News Updates. I must meet Lord Jesus in the air the sooner the better before I go mentally breaking down and melting down by scary, saber-rattling, dreadful news.
 Isaiah 17:1-3
Amplified Bible (AMP)
Isaiah 171THE MOURNFUL, inspired prediction (a burden to be lifted up) concerning Damascus [capital of Syria, and Israel’s bulwark against Assyria]. Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.
2The cities of Aroer [east of the Jordan] are forsaken; they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid.

3His bulwark [Syria] and the fortress shall disappear from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus; and the remnant of Syria will be like the [departed] glory of the children of Israel [her ally], says the Lord of hosts.

War in Syria: Gamble for US


16:39, October 27, 2011   

Edited and Translated by People’s Daily Online

The U.S. State Department recently withdrew its ambassador in Syria Robert Fordbecause of serious concerns about his personal safety. 

It seems that the recent changes of situations are proving that Syria will be the next Libya.Since Qaddafi was killed, the contradictions between the Untied States and Syria havebeen intensifying. Both countries have withdrawn their ambassadors. As the U.S.ambassador in Syria was being withdrawn, the severity of United Sates’ accusationsagainst Syria is also escalating. John McCain, a senator of the Republican Party of theUnited States, said that Syria is a focal point of the United States’ attention and the militaryoperation is an option for the United States.

According to the current situations faced by Syria, including the sanctions andintimidations from the United States, United Kingdom, France and other countries and theprepared Syrian rebels, it seems that Bashar al-Assad will be the next Qaddafi. 

Though it may not have the same natural resources as Libya, Syria is important for itsstrategic geographic position. If the West launches a war in Syria, it probably will have topay a price that is much higher than the price it had paid for the Libyan War. The warprobably will even turn into a blasting fuse and lead the entire Middle East to anirremediable chaos. Therefore, it is a gamble for the West to launch a war in Syria, and itis uncertain that whether the West will win or not.

Some media agencies and experts said that the losses were greater than gains in theLibya war. Particularly, the serious injury and death of the long-term mighty leaderMuammar Qaddafi have enabled some countries to see through many things. SyrianPresident Bashar Assad has perhaps been very impressed with Qaddafi’s suffering justbefore and after his death. The miserable end of Qaddafi will only make Assad tougher. 

The death tolls in the Libya war have reached at least 30,000. If a war takes place in Syria,Assad, who is clearly aware of the consequences of failure, will perhaps take lessons fromQaddafi and try all means to fight the opposition. Such a mindset would likely result in ahigher number of deaths and injuries related to the Syria war. 

Syria has a far stronger military than Libya. Syria’s military is the strongest in the Arabworld. If Assad resolves to fight to the end, the Syria war will be crueler than the Libya war,with more deaths and a longer duration. 

At the same time, al-Assad may make the desperate move of attacking Israel. According toa report by the Israel-based Jerusalem Post in July, the Israeli intelligence agency foundthat the Syrian military were conducting unusual troop movements in the border areas andmight launch long-range ballistic missiles toward Israel. Israel said that Syria might want todistract domestic and international attention by fighting a war with Israel. 

Therefore, if Western powers launch a war against Syria, al-Assad may fire missiles intoIsrael, which will plunge the entire Middle East into even greater chaos. Not long ago, al-Assad said during a meeting with the Turkish foreign minister that he would shower Israelwith missiles if NATO or the United States attacked Syria. 

If a war in Syria occurs, blood, violence, and chaos will again become key buzzwords inthe Middle East and North Africa. Under current circumstances, a Syrian war would costWestern powers dearly, and it would be an unwise move and a risky gamble to launchsuch a war.





  利用從先前被擊落的美無人機身上收集到的信息,以及伊朗指揮官9月份驕傲地宣稱已掌握的一種技能,這些伊朗專家當時重構了這架“哨兵”無人機的 GPS坐標,使其降落在了伊朗境內,降在這架無人機誤認為是自己在阿富汗基地的地方。 




  如今,這名工程師對伊朗截獲的這架美國最尖端無人機的描述,意味著德黑蘭已經找到了展開反擊的途徑。這名工程師說,這些技術是通過對近年來截獲或擊落的不太尖端的美國無人機展開逆向工程獲得的,是沾了 (JPS“信號微弱、易於操縱”的光。 


  前美國海軍電子戰專家羅伯特.登斯莫爾說,“甚至連現代作戰級的GPS都非常容易”被操縱。他還說,重新校准無人機上的GPS 並使其改變飛行航線,這 “當然是可能的”,“我不想說容易,但這種技術的確存在。” 


  上述伊朗工程師說,伊朗監視無人機計劃始於2007年,隨後該計劃得到加強並在2009年公開,同年RQ- 170無人機首次部署到了阿富汗,上面裝備有最先進的監視系統。 




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