Day 3, the “Spaghetti and Ketchup” Day.

Day 3, the third day,

This day, I’m gotta kill all the servants, except for the banking cartels.

How am I gotta kill all the servants?

I’m gotta grab and grip their neck and throw each one of them into the wall, smashing their heads with the wall, oh baby, all the servants’ heads are gotta be just like spaghetti spilled over the edge of a dining table and then falling upon the ground, all spaghetti with ketchup scattering all over the ground.

I’m gotta smash all the servants’ heads into blood spaghetti with ketchup, all beautiful blood spaghetti flowers all over the walls in the deep bunkers. I’m a painter, and my painting pen is all the servants’ heads, and my ink is their blood. And, of course, I’m invisible. So, all the men and women will all see someone suddenly being gripped by something so powerful and then being thrown into the wall, and turned a corpse without a head, because heads are smashed into very beautiful blood spaghetti flowers all over the wall. And, of course, feared screaming will cramp and fill with all the deep bunkers, echoing around the bunkers. I’m gotta love their feared and horrified screaming echoing around me. That gotta be the most beautiful music concert that I’ve ever heard. I’m gotta love it.

With my immortal force, I’m pretty sure I can do it. 


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For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
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