Day 4, the “Sausages and Hot Dogs” Day.

Day 4,  the “Sausages and Hot Dogs” Day.

I’m gotta kill all the banking cartels.

How am I gotta kill them?

I’m gotta slash every single one’s belly’s surface, not too hard and not too firm, just slightly and lightly, at a lightning speed. I wanna make a long, narrow crack on each one’s belly’s surface. A crack, a long, narrow cut, just so capable of letting all the intestines to run out of their big belly, just like Niagara Fall’s water running down to the bottom, most of their intestines running out of their big bully. And, of course, bleeding so bad, and no medical teams, because I already killed all the servants at the Day 3, the “Spaghetti and Ketchup” Day.

And then, when most of the intestines running out and falling down on the ground, I’m gotta cut off one of their feet, to collapse each one of them on the ground, bleeding so bad in pain, in fear, in shock, and of course, I’m invisible, so that they can’t see me.

I wanna see them, each one of them, collapsing into their intestines with blood, without a foot, crawling like worms drenched in blood, their blood, screaming. 

And, their long intestines look like yummy long sausages and hot dogs, so that the Day 4 is  the “Sausages and Hot Dogs” Day.

And, without any medical treatment, they all are gotta bleeding to death, slowly and gruesomely. And, all of them will smell their blood and intestines while crawling among their intestines, and they will be all drenched in their blood. 

No Way Out.


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For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
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