Outline for Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 1, the “Fingers” Day,

1. Collapse all the exits and entrances of the deep underground bunkers, in order to prevent the banking cartels and their servants from escaping out of their bunkers. And, I must act very fast less than 30 min., the shorter the better, before they figure out what’s going on, before they manage to get out of the bunkers. I wanna cage all of them in the deep underground bunkers, no way out.

2. Cut off all the index, middle, ring fingers of the people in the deep underground bunkers caged, except for the members of the medical team. I need someone to take care the wounded. And, during the campaign of cutting off fingers, I can recognize and key in everyone’s face into my immortal brain and mind so that later I can figure out who’s the bosses and who’s servants. The sequence that who gets medical treatment first or later will roughly tell me who’s boss and who’s servant. And, through all the way cutting off everyone’s fingers, I can also tell everyone’s expertise and job from their clothes and name tags or whatever. Anyway, I just wanna get more familiar with their faces, because I wanna distinguish who’s boss and who’s servant. I wanna them all die gruesomely, but in different sequence. Servants first, and then bosses. 

3. Cutting off fingers and collapsing all the exits is going to tell them, mainly the bosses, that someone invisible and powerful is attacking them in the deep underground bunkers, all caged. I wanna them to know and fully grasp my very existence. I want all of them to fear. Someone invisible is hostile to them and they can’t see me, which will make their horror and fear skyrocket up to the peak, the climax. I want them to be so horrified on Day 1.

4. And, after cutting off fingers campaign, there’re gotta be roughly no one can use guns, except for the medical team. So, I must keep an very close eye on the medical team. The only way all of them can die is to be slain by my sword. People sometimes shoot dead others when they get panic. And, at Day 1, I’m gotta give them a lot of panic, stress, fear, and horror.

Day 2, the “Longitude and Latitude” Day,

After figuring out who’s boss and who’s servant, I wanna disfigure all the bosses’ faces, for they deem themselves as the most superior species because of their face skin color. I wanna destroy and disfigure their faces. And, their snobbishness and pride will be all shattered. And, I want all the servants to see their bosses’ faces being disfigured. Servants witness all bosses’ faces disfigured. This is gotta be so interesting. A snobbish boss’ face disfigured and witnessed by his or her humble servant with a face intact. I wanna shatter all the bosses’ snobbishness and pride on Day 2. 

So, in other words, “technically”, I won’t kill anyone on Day 1 and Day 2. See, I’m so kind.

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For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
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