‘Iran war: Clocking down to doomsday’

Led by SCAF chairman Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, the military is resolved not to wait for the next two stages of the democratic transition to go through. They are on the run – even if this means handing Egypt on a silver platter to the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist colleagues whose parties have dominated the three rounds of parliamentary elections.

Indeed, according to DEBKAfile’s Washington and intelligence sources, Tantawi has already struck a deal to hand over the presidential powers vested in him provisionally to the incoming Speaker of Parliament, the choice of whom is up to the Brotherhood.

Egypt’s military rulers have pledged to transfer power before June 30. So far, the three-stage vote for the People’s Assembly ( lower house of parliament) has been almost completed. The Shura Council (upper house of parliament) vote will begin on January 29 and end on February 22.

right now, the most important breaking news is to trace and catch up who’s the Speaker of Parliament in Egypt on Jan. 23. And, watch closely whether this guy gotta really grasp the political authority or not. And make sure be ready, be holy, be a good holy boy or girl in Jesus’ Sight. Right now is the time for the Church Rapture.

“Even when U.S. forces are committed to a large-scale operation in one region, they will be capable of denying the objectives of—or imposing unacceptable costs on—an opportunistic aggressor in a second region,” the Pentagon doctrine states (and it even italicizes the second half of that sentence). In case you have any doubt about what “imposing unacceptable costs” means, the doctrine clarifies this a page letter when it states: “We can field nuclear forces that can under any circumstances confront an adversary with the prospect of unacceptable damage.” CHINA IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC = AN OPPORTUNISTIC AGGRESSOR IN A SECOND REGION.

First, he said, is the US government’s “neoconservative ideology,” that calls for the US to use its superior military and economic position to achieve world hegemony. 

“A second factor is Israel’s desire to eliminate all support for the Palestinians and for Hezbollah in southern Lebanon,” Craig Roberts said, adding that by eliminating Iran, Washington removes all obstacles to Israel’s expansionism, which ultimately seeks to “seize all of Palestine and the water resources of southern Lebanon.” 

A third factor motivating a US strike on Iran, Craig Roberts argues, is to deter or slow China’s rise as a military and economic power by controlling China’s access to energy. 


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