I desperately wanna kiss Jesus.

Lord Jesus Christ is my Hero, simply He came down to the earth 2000 years ago and tortured, tormented, then crucified on the cross for redeeming the human race with His Holy Blood. And, that’s really really really and ultimately hurt. He is my Hero and Only Hero. He could have stayed in His luxury Heavenly Palace, but He didn’t. He came down to the earth for us, the human race. I mean, why bother? It is all because Jesus loves us, Jesus loves the human race. And, the Bible is His Plan for the Redemption. Jesus is the Writer and Director of the Bible and He is the bravest and most heroic sufferer and holiest sacrifice. In my opinion, Jesus is the most extreme “Extremist” ever, but in a good way. And, I’m an “extremist”, too. So, Jesus and I match. We both are “extremists”. We’re a perfect match and couple. I’m His bride.
Lord Jesus Christ is my Hero, my Only Hero. I wanna kiss His Lips if He allows me to kiss His Lips, not just Cheeks, in our eternal life. And, if He allows me, then I desperately wanna kiss Him deeply, placing my immortal tongue in His Mouth intertwining with His Tongue, a French kiss. Very deep kissing with two tongues intertwining each other. I wanna taste His Tongue and the Smell of His Mouth deeper and deeper. But, I desperately hope Jesus can shave clean. Or, my cheek and my lips will get slightly scratched by Jesus’ beard stubble, and that would be hurt. You know. I don’t like beard stubble, indeed. Too scratchy. But, I desperately and earnestly love Jesus’ everything, everything that belongs to Jesus, His Whole Immortal Face and Body and Hair. Beard stubble is the only thing I don’t like, and that’s it. And, while conducting deep kissing with Jesus both our tongues intertwining each other and turning sweetly, just like two anacondas’ breeding ball intimately interlocking each other slowly spinning ceaselessly, relentlessly and endlessly, I desperately wanna inhale Jesus’ breath into my mouth, because I desperately want His Breath and the Smell of His Mouth to remain in my immortal body and mouth the longer the better. I cherish His Smell and Breath that remain in my immortal mouth and body, so sweet and lovely. And, I desperately wanna sip Jesus’ Immortal Saliva into my mouth and then my stomach, just like a small brook babbling along the banks happily, and of course Jesus and I exchange our saliva. Jesus sips my saliva and I sip Jesus’ Saliva when we both in a long, sweet, French kiss. Jesus’ Saliva is the best ever juice I’m gotta drink in our eternal life, the Best One, the Juice. And, every time Jesus and I meet, let’s have a tight big bear hug in our eternal life. I wanna melt down into the Arms of Jesus. And, of course being softly squeezed into and on His big Chest every time we meet, Jesus and I. And, I wanna place my ear on Jesus’ big Chest to hear His Heartbeat, the powerful pumping of pulses, and I wanna be submerged into Jesus’ body temperature when being tightly squeezed in His Arms on His Chest. That’s gotta be very warm. And, I wanna just close my immortal eyes when hearing Jesus’ heartbeats with my ear placed on His big Chest while at the same time I’m completely overwhelmed, covered, engulfed with Jesus’ body scent and smell and temperature, and with Jesus’ powerful but tender tight big bear hug. And, I hope this moment can last forever. Never let go. Never end. I wanna hear the powerful pumping and rhythms of pulses in Jesus’ Immortal heart with my immortal eyes closed. At that moment, I wanna fully enjoy being cramped and stuck within Jesus’ big honey bear hug. So immortally lovely and sweet.

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For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
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