My dream eternal life in the New Millennium reigned by Lord Jesus.

以 賽 亞 書 38:7-8

 7 我 ─ 耶 和 華 必 成 就 我 所 說 的 。 我 先 給 你 一 個 兆 頭 ,

8 就 是 叫 亞 哈 斯 的 日 晷 , 向 前 進 的 日 影 往 後 退 十 度 。 於 是 , 前 進 的 日 影 果 然 在 日 晷 上 往 後 退 了 十 度 。

Isaiah 38:7-8


7And this will be the sign to you from the Lord that the Lord will do this thing that He has spoken:


8Behold, I will turn the shadow [denoting the time of day] on the steps or degrees, which has gone down on the steps or sundial of Ahaz, backward ten steps or degrees. And the sunlight turned back ten steps on the steps on which it had gone down.

let me tell all of my viewers my dream eternal life, that is, I wanna hang out with Jesus, kissing Him and eating His saliva while kissing Him all day long and all night long on Monday. Just melt down myself into the arms of Jesus on His gorgeous shirtless, immortal white skin chest.
And, on Tuesday, I wanna have a gorgeous Scarlett Johansson as my lovely newlywed wife and we do wild things all day long, because she’s not gotta be immortal in the New Millennium. She’s in earthly flesh. So, after a whole day bustling doing all the wild things such as … all naked, you know what I mean, I’ll let her go to bed, sleeping.
And, Wed. for Jesus, and Thurs. for her. Jesus and her take turns to be my lovers in every single week of my New Millennium eternal life. That’s perfect. Two lovers. Jesus and her. It’s just so perfect. My boyfriend and Husband, Lord Jesus Christ, an immortal gorgeous white man with a little bit sun-tan. My newlywed wife, a Scarlett Johansson I’m gotta meet in the New Millennium, is a gorgeous white woman with big boos, blonde hair, and blue eyes, so stunning beautiful, my No.1. favorite type of woman. Oh, baby, I’m gotta be the happiest man ever in the New Millennium with 2 lovers, Jesus and her, and I’m immortally gorgeous.
And, I’m gotta be very rich at that time, because I have the real ultra-richest super sugar daddy, Lord Jesus Christ. This is so extremely awesome, my dream eternal life in the New Millennium Era reigned by Jesus for 1000 years.
Actually, I’m Peter Alexander the Great. I’m truly Alexander the Great. oh baby, just my dream after browsing so many crazy news, I need some dream to sustain my horrified mind and heart.
Wanna be my woman, then she must be a Scarlett Johansson with big boos, blonde hair, blue eyes, shining white skin, my No.1. favorite type of woman, and she really doesn’t need to be as smart as Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth I. All I need is a white big boo bomb but a tender sweet bomb that I can hug tight in my arms. I don’t need a dominant and smart queen to be my lover. I need a big boo bomb with a tender sweet personality. But, wanna be my man, then he must be really smart and far more outsmart me so that he can instruct me everything. Only Jesus is my Mr. Right I’ve found. I love Jesus, unconditionally and irrevocably. Jesus is my immortal Edward. I’m His Bella.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
In our sharing eternal life, I wanna chat with Jesus in both English and mandarin. Jesus is also God of English and Mandarin. He created English and mandarin and other languages spoken on the earth in the Turmoil of the Tower of Babel. Oh baby, Jesus is truly the real most brilliant Entity. I love Jesus. Jesus has brains and brain like no other. Jesus is so unique. And, He died for us, the human race, for our Redemption. The real most brilliant Entity was crucified on the cross and died so gruesomely for the human race. That’s so touching. He doesn’t bully the intelligently inferior species, the human race. Instead He died for us, the human race. Jesus loves the human race so much. Jesus is the smartest guy, an immortal man, indeed, my Mr. Right I’ve found.
I’m grinning now in front of my laptop, because I’m gotta love my role play game in my eternal life in the New Millennium Era reigned by Jesus. Monday, I’m Jesus’ beloved Bella Boy, always licking, kissing His immortal lips with tongues intertwining deeply spinning and rotating slowly and sweetly all day long and all night long, relentlessly. But, Tuesday, I’m gotta be an hot, sexy, gorgeous, sweet husband to my beloved Scarlett Johansson. I’m gotta be a very beautiful sex machine for her. And, I’m gotta be her only superman. I’m gotta hug her tight all day long. Jesus and she take turns to be my lovers. Oh, baby, I’m gotta be the happiest ever the truly real immortal Alexander the Great, but Jesus is my Emperor. I’m just a little immortal king in Jesus’ Empire.

And, what am I gotta call my newlywed wife in the New Millennium Era when we have wild sex on the bed? I’m gotta call her my lovely gorgeous B-2 Bomber, or simply my Bomber, or my Mega-Ton, because she has a pair of very gorgeous big white boos, which is my beloved “mega-ton nuclear warheads”. And, their target is me, more precisely my face. While conducting wild sex on the bed and I’m on the “Bottom”, I want her to relentlessly bomb me with her “mega-ton nuclear warheads”, her big white boos. My newlywed wife’s nickname for me to call her when having sex is my Bomber, or my lovely Mega-Ton or simply M.G.T. I’m gotta be sweetly slammed into complete dizziness by her “mega-ton nuke warheads”, so sweet and gorgeous. And, she’s my beloved bomber or mega-tons. I want her to drop her mega-ton nuke bombs, her big white boos, on my face and slam my face with her mega-tons backward and forward. And, that’s gotta be the sweetest and hottest bombardment I’m gotta have in the New Millennium.

On Monday, I’m Jesus’ “Hephaestion”. On Tuesday, I’m my Scarlett Johansson’s “Alexander the Great” who I’m gotta meet in the New Millennium Era after Jesus and I return to the earth at the end of the End Times. So, in every single week of my eternal life on the earth, I’m Dual Peter. I’m Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, a hybrid Peter. Oh, baby, I’m gotta extremely obsessed with this ultimately joyful role play game. I love role play game with my 2 beloved lovers, Jesus and her. I’m gotta play this role play game for eternity, relentlessly and endlessly.


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