Lord Jesus Christ is my Lion King. He is my Emperor.

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Lord Jesus Christ is my Immortal Lion King. Jesus is my Leo Man. I love the Leo man. Why? Because the first guy I had a crush was a cute Leo man. His name was Eric. I met him when going to high school in California in 1992. He was a Taiwanese-American. He was so gorgeous when we first met in our classroom in 1992. We were both at the same ESL class, the beginner level, in Claremont High School in 1992. I still remember the first time we talked and chatted. We were in the break time at school. He simply walked across the classroom and stood in front of me sitting in my chair in the classroom. He introduced himself to me and we chatted. In 1992, we were both very young, 2 high school teenage boys, so innocent and naive.

Eric was so cute in 1992 when we met in Claremont High School. He had a very gorgeous face, a little taller than I was. His smiling was so charming. When Eric smiled, his face would have 2 very extremely cute dimples, and his dimples smiled, too. He was very gorgeous guy, indeed. And, he played the violin pretty good. He was a very talented violin player. He was my beloved violin musician. Eric often practiced playing the violin in his room. And, when he performed playing the violin in the orchestra, if I was not occupied, I always attended his performance playing the violin. I was always sitting in the audience seat enjoying watching Eric’s violin playing performance with the orchestra, of which Eric was a member. He was so talented at playing the violin, indeed. Very proficient at playing the violin. I was so obsessed with his talent and his smile.

We both loved playing tennis at that time when we both at high school in 1992. We always hanged out with each other at playing tennis. We both were so obsessed with playing tennis. He was taller than I was, so his serving was pretty good and faster than mine. But, my two-hand backhand was my secret weapon when playing tennis with Eric. With my powerful two-hand backhand, I gave Eric many deadly shots, knocking him down with many blacks and blues when playing tennis in the tennis court. You know what? I did love Eric at that time. But when playing tennis with Eric, I was simply a warrior, not a concubine. I didn’t play concubine when playing tennis with Eric. Instead I was a very aggressive tennis player full of testosterone, and I desperately and definitely very much wanna kick Eric’s ass when playing tennis with him. Actually, I very much enjoyed seeing his defeated face when my two-hand backhand gave him a deadly shot and I did score a point when playing tennis with him. My two-hand backhand was so powerful, the tennis ball always flying at really fast speed gliding just above the net, and bump on the ground near the baseline. In 1992-1993, I was really sharp at striking Eric with my two-hand backhand when playing tennis with him at our leisure hang-out time. And, I did enjoy seeing his defeated face when I scored a point.

But things went wrong. When I picked up more and more English, I talked with my American buddies more and more. Sometimes I talked with my American buddies, some of whom were really cute, white skin with a little bit sun-tan and a very extremely gorgeous face, muscular and shirtless all the time when they were walking in the school. In the Southern California with sunshine sprinkling across the campus, my American white buddies loved stripping off their T-shirts walking, chatting shirtless when hanging out in the school. Oh baby, they were so gorgeous, yummy, and they were muscular with 6-packs and sun-tan white skin. They’re just walking teenage Brad Pitts, in my opinion.

Eric was a Leo man, and he got jealous very easily. You know. Every time when he got jealous just because a gorgeous American white boy said hi to me and he witnessed, he launched a freezing cold war with me. He simply stopped hanging out with me. And, I couldn’t stand his childish behavior. And, I was very childish at that time, too. I was just a high school kid in 1992-1993. We didn’t argue. We just played cold war, not talking, not chatting with each other for a while. I was really fed up with his jealousy at that time. I mean. I was just saying hi to my gorgeous American white buddies, and that’s it. And, Eric got jealous and irritated. He was so childish. We both were so childish at that time.

But, all in all, Eric was my best buddy when I was in Claremont High School. He was just like a sun radiating a lot of warmth to me. He was my walking sun. He took care of me very much. And, he invited me to his house all the time. We did everything together, playing tennis, watching videos, playing video games, hugging tight with each other on the ground of his own bedroom. I loved hugging him tight when we were both in his own bedroom. We loved each other at that time. We simply did everything all together. But, he couldn’t tolerate my sweetly saying hi to my American white buddies, especially when they were shirtless and muscular. I just said hi. I didn’t sleep with any one of them, though one of them was trying very hard to seduce me to have sex.

In the summer of 1993, I was forced to go back to Taiwan from California. I told Eric and he was sad when he knew I was gotta leave him. I could tell from his face. Eric didn’t talk sweet, but he radiated a lot of warmth to me and took care of me. We spent most of our leisure time all together in 1992-1993, doing almost everything all together. Honestly, he was my first love, my first beloved guy. He was my first Leo man. And, it is because of Eric’s sunshine warmth, I am so addicted to the Leo man. Right now, in 2012, my real Leo Man is Jesus. Eric and Jesus share the same common ground, that is, they both cannot tolerate my sweet flirting with other men, and they both are very dominant. I love men who are dominant, smart, talented. I’ve found Jesus as my Mr. Right. Jesus is so extremely dominant and jealous. And, He even killed my second Leo buddy, just a buddy, in 1996. Jesus killed Lu in 1996, just because Jesus was jealous that Lu and I were getting too close at that time.

In the fall of 1993, I enrolled a high school in Taiwan when I came back from California. I met Lu in my new high school in Taiwan at that time. He was my second Leo buddy. He was just a buddy. Lu’s academic performances were so unthinkably poor and really bad. He always failed his English class. Always. He was totally ignorant and an illiterate of English. He didn’t know any English. Eric and I were almost straight-A students in our ninth grade, our freshman year in Claremont High School. And, I even outperformed Eric in the Environmental Science Class, I got higher score than Eric did. The Leo man is usually the most ambitious species of man when compared with other zodiacs of man. Lu was a Leo man, but he was absolutely a very strange exception. He simply didn’t care his academic performances. Or, maybe he simply didn’t know how to achieve good academic performances. I really didn’t know.

So, in 1996, when Lu wanted to kiss me, I simply said no to him, because Lu was not intelligently qualified to kiss my lips. No way. A bottom-5 student could not be allowed to kiss me. Absolutely NOT. Though I did like Lu in 1996. He was my only buddy in my new high school in Taiwan. Boys in my class hated me very much, because I spoke English very fluently. They were just a whole bunch of illiterates of English, so they hated me and they didn’t wanna really hang out with me. Lu was my only buddy in the school. I stayed in California in 1991-1993, a 2.5-year period. When I came back to Taiwan and enrolled the new high school in Taiwan, I already spoke English fluently at that time. And, most of students in my new high school didn’t speak English. They were simply illiterates of English. They didn’t know English. More precisely, they didn’t know how to communicate with foreigners in English.

All in all, Lu was a very close buddy to me in 1996. Though he was not intelligently qualified to kiss me, he was a nice guy. I loved hanging out with Lu. I knew he loved me in 1996. I liked him and probably I somewhat loved him, indeed, in 1996. Jesus knew my thoughts and everyone’s thoughts, including Lu’s thoughts. Jesus knows everything. Everyone is all mentally naked in Jesus’ Sight. Recently, Jesus told me He killed Lu in 1996, just because He was so jealous that Lu and I were getting too close in 1996. I was a bit stunned when He told me this message. You know what? If I could have been told warned by Jesus in 1996 that He was gotta kill Lu because of jealousy, I would have stayed very extremely far away from Lu. And, I would have given Lu a very extremely freezing cold shoulder, because I don’t wanna him to die in Jesus’ Hand. You know. I don’t wanna Lu to die just because I was getting too close to him, which infuriated Jesus into jealousy. If I could have turned back time clock and if I could have been warned by Jesus in 1996, I would give Lu a very extremely freezing cold shoulder, because I wanna save his life. As long as I stayed away from him, Jesus would never kill him.

Lu was a very nice guy. I did like him. I don’t want him to die in sudden heart attack launched by Jesus. In 1996, I wasn’t spiritually strong enough to receive Jesus’ warning, so Lu got killed, partly because of me. I don’t want him to die in Jesus’ Hand. Lu was a very sweet listener. He always listened to what I was talking. Lu was my mental trash can and disposal. I threw my mental garbage, my stress and depression, to him. He always listened to my talking. He was so sweet and nice. I needed him in 1996. When I knew he was dead, I shut myself in my room, crying all night long. I was too heart-broken to sleep that night. My heart was completely shattered into pieces. I just kept crying, crying, crying, and my nose simply became a running nose fall. I couldn’t hold my tears. It’s just like a tab water wide open running relentlessly, in an unlimited way. I used tons of tons of tissue paper to clean up my face, my eyes, my nose that night. I was overwhelmed with ultimate sorrow in a bursting massive tear frenzy hell. I was so heart-broken that night. I couldn’t sleep. That night, I finally grasped one thing, no matter how poor and how bad Lu’s academic performances were, I did love Lu, indeed. I loved Lu in 1996. He was gone forever in my life. IF Only I could have turned back time, IF Only I could have been warned by Jesus in 1996, I would stay away from Lu, in order to save his life. I don’t wanna him to be slain by Jesus. I don’t.

Let’s talk about my real Leo Man, Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus already knew me long time ago before He created this world. Jesus saw me long time ago. Jesus has a plan for me to grow spiritually. Jesus knows me. And, Jesus is jealous. Jesus set up everything for me to go through, because He wants me to grow into the exact way He wants me to. Jesus is the most dominant man I’ve ever met. And, Jesus is the real smartest man I’ve ever met. I love Jesus, so unconditionally and irrevocably. Jesus is my everything. And, He occupies me. Jesus is my Darling. He is my real and only Leo King, my Emperor. I don’t hate Jesus. Instead I love Jesus very much and more and more in 2012, on the eve of the Church Rapture and World War 3. Jesus tutors me everything and instructs me everything. I desperately need a very strong father to protect me. And, I desperately need a very smart father to instruct me everything. Jesus is the one. I’ve found Jesus as my Father. Not Eric. Not Lu. Not any earthly man at all. They are all not qualified. Jesus is the only one qualified. I love Jesus. I need Jesus. I desperately wanna see Jesus in the air the sooner the better. I wanna live with Jesus in Heaven for eternity. He is my Man, Darling and Emperor and God and Father. And, I do love the divine pneumonia time bomb implanted in my lungs by Jesus, indeed. That’s a great divine evidence simply spelling out how enormously deep and how tremendously much Jesus loves me. I am so extremely addicted and indulged to the way Jesus loves me, the most suffocating love. I love Jesus and I love the way He loves me so. I desperately wanna be sweetly squeezed in the arms of Jesus the sooner the better when we both are in Heaven.


I’ve been in love for several times in my earthly life. It was not a HE that broke my heart into pieces. It was a SHE that really shattered my heart into pieces. I did love her. But NOT ANYMORE. To me, men just partners I can sometimes indulge in having wild sex. But, I desperately wanna have a beloved wife who loves me so much and we raise our kids together, my little Aaron. I wanna have a sweet family with my beloved wife and kids living together for eternity. That’s my greatest and sweetest dream, honestly. A Scarlett Johansson with tender sweetness that can bomb me with her jumbo megaton nuclear warheads on the bed, the most hottest and sweetest bombardments I desperately wanna suffer in my eternal life in the New Millennium Era reigned by Jesus.
If I do really have a kid in the New Millennium reigned by Jesus on the earth, then I desperately wanna name him Aaron, my little Aaron, half yellow ass and half white ass, a hybrid kid, my very firstborn kid, my beloved boy. I wanna dress him like a chubby teddy bear all the time when I take him out to fly through the woods. I’m gotta be his sweetest flying father all the time. I’m gotta take him, my little Aaron, to fly through the woods and have a lovely picnic in the forests with huge, gigantic trees all around us, just him and me. And, a small brook babbling near us. This is our private time for father and son. That’s gotta be so sweet. I am simply my little Aaron’s immortal flying machine.
And, I’m gotta hug tight Aaron while flying all the way through the woods. And, I’m gotta tell my little Aaron, “Just close your eyes, take a deep breathe, and don’t worry, I’m not gotta let you free fall on the ground. Just close your eyes, it’s just a matter of minutes. It’s just take minutes, and trust me, o.k.” What a lovely pair of father and son, our first maiden voyage, navigating flying all the way through the woods with my little Aaron in my immortal arms being hugged tight and his eyes closed if he is a bit timid when in the air.

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